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Better Meat, Delivered.

Monthly Meat Boxes. From our farm, to your door.
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We are a community of farmers, butchers and chefs, working with nature, slowly and sustainably in the Black Mountains. Started by a first generation farming family, we look to disrupt the current food system by creating and supporting vibrant farms, living soils and positive change. 

We are on a mission to create honest and trusting relationships between people buying meat and the people producing it. By working directly with you, our customers, we give access to great tasting, high welfare meat, whilst using farming practices that improve the health of our land and our animals.

We produce monthly Meat Boxes in which you'll find a selection of items made to inspire your cooking and make eating better meat easy. We also host Sunday Lunches and Feasts at Lower House Farm, where we bring together our community and cook natural food over open flames.


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