About Us


"We are a community of farmers, butchers and chefs, working with nature, slowly and sustainably in the Black Mountains. Started by chef and butcher,  Jake Townley, we are a first generation farming family, looking to disrupt the current food system by creating and supporting vibrant farms, living soils and seeding change in how we connect with food. 

We are on a mission to create honest and trusting relationships between people buying meat and the people producing it. By working directly with you, our customers, we give access to great tasting, high welfare meat, whilst using and sharing farming practices that improve the health of our animals and our land.

Our animals are native breeds and live and graze as they would have done in the wild, using 'planned mob grazing' where they almost all year outside in the meadows and woodland. They are constantly moving on to new pasture while the meadows grow lush and bountiful, either on our family farm or on collaborating farm's that share our philosophy and values.

We don't adhere to any particular badge or labels as we know that every farm is different, but every one of our animals is reared to the highest welfare standards, always fed on green pasture and natural feed and only given medicines if they are actually unwell, not as a preventative measure.

We use a nose-to-tail approach when butchering and preparing our animals. From our dry aged steaks, to the salamis and various cuts that we cure, to the glorious fats that we render to dripping, nothing is wasted. We not only practice this approach, but encourage it through cooking and eating.

Through this thoughtful and planned approach to farming, butchery and cooking we hope to improve attitudes towards a better future, that supports sustainable farms to make a big impact in our food system. We are glad that you're here."


Jake Townley

Chef and Butcher at Wild by Nature Meats