Small Meat Box

Our Small Meat Box is made for 2 people. Our meat boxes are the perfect way for you and your family to eat better meat. We provide the very best ethically grown meat, from our own farm and farmers that share our values, reared and prepared with a focus on flavour, quality and our nose-to-tail approach.

In your box each month you'll find a selection of fresh, dry aged and cured meats, ready-to-cook meals prepared by our chefs, stocks, sauces and other items made to inspire your cooking and make eating better meat easy. Your box will also contain a few Wildcard items that will be different from box to box. This allows us to operate much more sustainably as we can use the whole animal.

Monthly Subscription

Prices subject to delivery charge.

What’s in the box?


Pasture Fed Steaks (for 2)
400g Seasonal Bacon
400g Sausages
400g Mince
1 x Wildcard *


180g Cured Salami
1 x Wildcard *


1 x Cook & Eat Meal (for 2)
1 x Sauce or Stock
1 x Dripping or Lard




These are items that differ from box to box and month to month. This allows us to use the whole animal and operate more sustainably. You will find interesting cuts and cured Wildcard items in every box.


Each box is packaged consciously with our Wool Cool packaging and ice packs, to keep your meat as cool and as fresh as possible during transit. On receiving your box, unpack and refrigerate and/or freeze items as you wish.


All of our boxes are sent out with our courier to be with you usually on the second Thursday of each month. Please note box delivery dates do change from time to time and we will always notify you of this beforehand. You can check next meat box delivery on the Meat Boxes page.



Need more information?

If you have any questions please head over to our FAQs page to see if we've already covered it there, if not please send us a message at and we'll be happy to help.